Our Capabilities


Downhole mill, Impeller, Spiral mill, reamer shoe, stabilizer, sensor spool, bladed noses, float subs, cross-overs, whipstocks, completion tools, stabilisers, mandrels, sleeve stabilisers.

  • Stabiliser Sleeve

  • Sensor Spool

  • Downhole Mill

  • Bladed Nose

  • Stabiliser

  • Reamer Shoe


NTS are constantly reviewing processes and procedures to make sure the quality of product is to the highest standard. With the volume of high precision machining being performed, it is critical that the measuring equipment matches the requirement. To assist the quality group in providing a detailed inspection report, NTS have purchased a portable CMM device. This unit consists of an arm with six rotation axes, designed for high accuracy measurements on work pieces. System is connected to a computer which allows for quick accuracy verification and print out of final results.

  • Romer Arm With Spool